CashBean is an Instant Personal Loan Platform for salaried persons and driven by certified NBFC. CashBean will give you the quickest cash loans on the go!



Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What's CashBean?
    CashBean is an Instant Personal Loan Platform for salaryman. CashBean has tied up with PC Financial Pvt Ltd which is a certified NBFC. The application process is completely online and support 24*7*365. Just three steps no more than 10 minutes. The cash is immediately transferred to the bank account of user. Compare to the 4-7 days to avail a loan from a bank, which also requires a lot of documentation and frequent visits to the branch office, CashBean will be a good helper to solve your temporary turnaround difficulties.
  • 2. How to contact CashBean?
    You can contact us at
  • 3. Who can apply for a loan from CashBean?
    Indian Individual
    18-56 years old
    has a monthly source of income.
  • 4. How does CashBean work?
    Install the CashBean app from the Play Store.
    Register yourself via your phone number.
    Select the product you want to apply.
    Take 3-5 minutes to fill in your basic information and upload your KYC documents, then submit.
    After submitting your application, we will review it as soon as possible, during which time you may receive a call to verify the information. The results will be reviewed in the fastest 5 minutes, and we will notify you of the results by SMS.
    E-sign loan agreement after the approval.
    E-sign successfully, we will disburse to you within 5 minutes and notify you by SMS.
  • 5. Which cities are CashBean currently in?
    CashBean is available for all cities in India.
  • 6. What products does CashBean offer?
    A portfolio of products with different maturities and amounts.
  • 7. What is the basis for reviewing CashBean?
    Based on the basic information you submitted, KYC documents and your historical repayments. Among them, we need your pan card to verify your identity and need your aadhaar card to prove your address.
  • 8. Why is my application not approved?
    When we review a loan, we will review it from multiple dimensions. If your loan is not approved, this will not affect your credit. It may just be because your situation does not match our rules and credit model. If you are rejected by the review, we will let you know when you can apply again on the homepage.
  • 9. My KYC file is correct, but why didn't it pass?
    Please make sure that the file you uploaded is clear and not a remake of the photo.
  • 10. Why didn't I receive the audit result?
    Because the review data takes a certain amount of time, the audit result will be given at the latest 1 working day. If it exceeds 1 working day, please contact customer service in time:
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