Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1.What's CashBean?
    CashBean is an Instant Personal Loan Platform for salaryman. CashBean is driven by a certified NBFC. The application process is completely online and support 24*7*365. Just three steps no more than 10 minutes. The cash is immediately transferred to the bank account of user. Compare to the 4-7 days to avail a loan from a bank, which also requires a lot of documentation and frequent visits to the branch office, CashBean will be a good helper to solve your temporary turnaround difficulties.
  • 2.How to contact CashBean?
    You can contact us at
  • 3.Who can apply for a loan from CashBean?
    Indian Individual
    21-56 years old
    has a monthly source of income.
  • 4.How does CashBean work?
    Install the CashBean app from the Play Store.
    Register yourself via your phone number.
    Select the product you want to apply.
    Take 3-5 minutes to fill in your basic information and upload your KYC documents, then submit.
    After submitting your application, we will review it as soon as possible, during which time you may receive a call to verify the information. The results will be reviewed in the fastest 5 minutes, and we will notify you of the results by SMS.
    E-sign loan agreement after the approval.
    E-sign successfully, we will disburse to you within 5 minutes and notify you by SMS.
  • 5. Which cities are CashBean currently in?
    CashBean is available for all cities in India.
  • 6. What products does CashBean offer?
    A portfolio of products with different maturities and amounts.
  • 7.What is the basis for reviewing CashBean?
    Based on the basic information you submitted, KYC documents and your historical repayments. Among them, we need your pan card to verify your identity and need your aadhaar card to prove your address.
  • 8. Why is my application not approved?
    When we review a loan, we will review it from multiple dimensions. If your loan is not approved, this will not affect your credit. It may just be because your situation does not match our rules and credit model. If you are rejected by the review, we will let you know when you can apply again on the homepage.
  • 9. My KYC file is correct, but why didn't it pass?
    Please make sure that the file you uploaded is clear and not a remake of the photo.
  • 10. Why didn't I receive the audit result?
    Because the review data takes a certain amount of time, the audit result will be given at the latest 1 working day. If it exceeds 1 working day, please contact customer service in time:
  • 11. Why is my bank account not verified?
    Please confirm that your bank account number is yours. Please confirm that your IFSC and bank account are not filled in incorrectly. Make sure your account is a savings account and not a fixed asset account, credit account or virtual account.
  • 12. What's mobile linked with Aadhaar and why is it required?
    Mobile linked with Aadhaar is the mobile number which is updated in your Aadhaar. For e-signing the Loan Agreement, UIDAI will send you an OTP on this number. You can get your Mobile Number linked to your Aadhaar Card. And to know the process, you may click here.
  • 13. Why should I e-sign the Loan Agreement?
    The Loan Agreement is a legally binding agreement that you need to sign before availing a Loan. The agreement states that once a loan is disbursed to you, you are liable to pay back the entire amount with interest and other charges as applicable within the maturity of the Loan.
  • 14. I am unable to get the OTP for E-sign on my phone. What could be the possible reason?
    You will receive two OTPs once you click on the 'e-sign' via digio option. The first OTP will be sent to the same mobile number with which you have registered with us. The OTP is delivered by your network operator and network issues can prevent you from receiving the OTP. In case of any issues in this OTP, try again after switching off and restarting your phone. Or else, you can try after some time.
    The second OTP will be sent to the contact number that is linked to your Aadhaar. In case you don't have ready access to the same, you may find it at the UIDAI website. The OTP would also be delivered to the E-mail ID linked to your Aadhaar. If you still don't receive the second OTP, please reach out UIDAI or your nearest Aadhaar centre.
  • 15. How will I receive the loan?
    When you fill out your personal information, we will ask you to provide your bank account and we will verify your account. After you sign the agreement, we will directly transfer the money into your bank account.
  • 16. Why didn't I receive the loan?
    Your account may be incorrect. Please re-verify.
    If the account is correct, the loan delay is no more than 1 working day. If you have not received the payment after more than one working day, this may be due to the banking system. Please contact us at:
  • 17. I did not receive the loan on time, will the repayment date be recalculated?
    We will start to calculate interest when the money is successfully transferred.
  • 18. Why are the processing fees charges deducted from my loan amount upfront?
    Since there is some operational effort that goes into performing credit checks and sanctioning the loan, the processing fee is charged upfront from the loan amount. However, this is a standard practice followed by all financial entities.
  • 19. What is the amount of my repayment?
    You can see your due amount on the app homepage and we will also notify you the repayment amount by sms.
  • 20. When do I need to repay?
    You can log in to the app to see your repayment date.
  • 21. How can I repay my money?
    If we have successfully disbursed to you, you can click on the razorpay repayment portal of the app repayment homepage, and through the payment gateway repayment, we offer four repayment methods: Debit Card, UPI, Netbanking, wallet. We will soon provide more repayment methods for you to choose from.
  • 22. Is there a fee for repayment?
    A third party will charge you a fee, and you are advised to use netbanking to repay it because his fees are relatively low. The specific fee price list is as follows.
    No. Payment Option Razorpay
    1 Debit cards 0.15% below INR 2000 and 1.05% above INR 2000
    2 Net Banking INR 20
    3 UPI 0.15% below INR 2000 and INR 25 above INR 2000
    4 Wallets(Ola Money, MobiKwik, Freecharge, Payzapp, Airtel Money, etc) 1.85%
    *The above charges exclude GST and other applicable taxes
  • 23. What happens if I don't pay back on time?
    We will charge a 2% penalty fee per day. Your Credit score will be updated as a defaulter with credit rating agencies which will make it difficult for you to take loans with any bank or financial institution in the future. Companies also check an individual's credit score and may not offer you employment if your credit score is bad.
  • 24. I can't repay from APP. Is there any other way to repay?
    No. We can only repay in the four ways provided on the mobile phone. If you encounter repayment problems, please contact customer service at
  • 25. Can I repay in advance?
    You can pay back in advance at any time. No prepayment fee.
  • 26. Can I make a partial payment on the due date?
    No, you need to pay off all the money on the repayment date.
  • 27. Can I extend the loan period?
    No, we don't currently offer such a service.
  • 28. How can I confirm that I have repaid successfully?
    When you pay off, we will notify you by text message. At the same time, log in to the app to see the records you have repaid.
  • 29. Money got deducted from my account, but it is not showing in the system. Why?
    There can be times when, because of network issues or issues with the payment gateway, the money gets debited from your account but it does not get accepted by the payment gateway. In the case, you should get your money back within 7 working days. If you still do not get the money back to your account, please get in touch with us on xxxxxxxxx with screenshots for us to help you.
  • 30. When I borrow again, do I still need to fill in my personal information?
    You do not need to submit your information again, but if your information changes, please update your information in My Profile on app in time or contact customer service to change. In this regard, we will re-review.
  • 31. I can not receive the verification code for registration or login.
    Please make sure your mobile phone number is correct. If you still can't receive the verification code, it may be the operator's fault. Please re-send otp later or contact customer service.
  • 32. I am facing technical issues. What do I do?
    Please send a screenshot to our email and describe the
  • 33. Why can't I apply for a higher amount?
    You need to apply from the most basic products. According to your credit and repayment records, your credit will gradually accumulate and the amount will gradually increase.
  • 34. What if my app shuts down before I could complete my process?
    You can begin exactly from where you left off, once you re-start the app.
  • 35. Is my data safe with CashBean?
    Yes, your data is safe with us. It is transferred over a secure connection to us, and we do not share it with anyone without your consent, except with the lenders.
  • 36. Does CashBean cooperate with credit agencies?
    Yes, we have cooperate with credit agencies, we need to send the customer's repayment history to the credit institution every quarter.
  • 37. What is the interest charged on the loans that I avail with CashBean?
    For all product we charge a flat interest rate of 33% (Annualized Interest Rate)
  • 38. What is the processing fee charged on loans taken?
    Our processing fees are defined as follows:
    A flat fee rate of 1.17% for 7 days
    A flat fee rate of 1.20% for 14 days
    A flat fee rate of 1.32% for 28 days
    Note:GST charges &18% are applicable on Processing Fee
    The processing fee(including GST) are deducted from your loan amount and the remaining amount will be disbursed to your account.
    You can pay back in advance at any time. No prepayment fee.
  • 39. Can I borrow several loans at the same time?
    No. At the same time, you can only borrow one, please pay off one and then borrow the next one.
  • 40. Can I cancel my loan?
    Once the loan application has been submitted, the loan can't be cancelled.
  • 41. What if I need to change my mobile number?
    You can contact customer service to modify your mobile phone number. We do not support directly modifying the mobile phone number on the app.