Interest policy

Type of Charge Charge % / INR
Processing fee Upto Rs.3000 as per loan amount
Loan foreclosure/pre-payment charges Rs. 0 per request
Rate of Interest Not exceed 33% p.a
Bounce charges Rs. 0 per request
Late Payment penalty 0% per day(Moratorium period)
Stamp duty charges for loan documentation As per applicable laws
Boost Protect Fee Upto 3% per request but will be waived-off as our offer policy
Duplicate NOC Rs. 0 per request
Repayment mandate/instrument swapping charges Rs. 0 per request
Loan Cancellation Charges Rs. 0 per request
Loan Re booking charges Rs. 0 per request
Statement of account charges Rs. 0 per request
Duplicate Repayment Schedule Rs. 0 per request
Bounce Charges (For Self Employed) Rs. 0 per request
Membership Fee For Primary Membership:
1 month: Rs.120
3 month: Rs.250
For senior Membership:
3 month: Rs.300
6 month: Rs.600
*Applicable for online as well as physical application.
1. What are the types of rate of interests offered?
Fixed rate of interest is the only type of rate of interest that will be offered for all CashBean applications.
2. How is the interest charged/ calculated?
Interest is calculated at annual rates using a reducing balance method. We consider a 360 day year for interest calculations.